Laetitia Latham Jones has attained a Diploma in Crisis and Trauma Counseling with B.S.Y. In 1993 she also studied a Voluntary Counselling Course with Family Matters to help survivors of abuse – sexual, physical and emotional. Laetitia has worked and been a resident of Cornwall since 2008.

She specializes in assisting former members of religious ‘cults’ and continues to do in-depth research on various organizations that fit this category and how they operate.

Members who take the courageous step of leaving these belief systems are isolated and often shunned by friends and family members who are members of these organizations. They can find it extremely difficult to thrive in the outside world as most leave the organizations with limited qualifications and social skills due to isolation from outside communities. Laetitia has personal experience of being raised within a strict religious organization that has been described as a ‘cult’. She can therefore empathize and assist others in coming to terms and understanding this process in order to become survivors.

ANNOUNCEMENT CONCERNING CORONA VIRUS 19: Laetitia is now able to see clients in a socially distant setting, also counselling via telephone or correspondence is available.

Counselling clients is preferable in person, however alternative arrangements can be made for telephone or correspondence consultations if clients are unable to travel to South West of the U.K. Please inquire via the Contact Page.

There is also a Facebook Page you can visit.

Crisis and Truma Counselling can also assist people who have been victims of abuse, domestic violence, natural disasters, community violence, major surgery, severe illness or injury, sudden bereavement, war or political violence, witnessing an act of violence.

Acute Trauma – results from a single incident

Chronic Trauma – repeated and prolonged as in abuse or domestic violence

Complex Trauma – exposure to varied and multiple traumatic events often of invasive, interpersonal nature.

Laetitia has a Certificate for a Criminal Records Bureau check dated 3rd March 2020 that is clear with no records found. This can be made available for clients to view on request.