The Effects of Abuse in Childhood

In 1993 I attained a certificate as a Counselor for survivors of child sexual abuse with Family Matters. This helped me gain more knowledge on the subject and gave a deeper insight into my own childhood. I also understood the reason I was over-protective with my own children and the obsession to keep them safe during childhood.

I have also participated in campaigning work for a U.S. organization against abuse within religious cults. Silentlambs

I hope the following information helps those of you that have experienced any of the issues raised in this post.

The words “child abuse” are likely to conjure up horror stories that appear from time to time – physical beatings, a child locked in a closet or tied up for long periods; or the unimaginable – like Ariel Castro’s imprisonment of young girls.

In fact, abuse takes many forms, beyond the physical. Recent research finds that its impact is long-lasting. It extends far into adulthood, where it affects both physical and mental health.

As Faulkner wrote: “The past is never dead. It’s not even past.”
This same study, combined with the findings of some other recent research, contains hopeful signs for healing and healthy growth following early abuse.

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Psychology Today

The Long-Term Effects of Childhood Sexual Abuse: Counseling

Childhood sexual abuse is a subject that has received much attention in recent years. Twenty-eight to 33% of women and 12 to 18% of men were victims of childhood or adolescent sexual abuse (Roland, 2002, as cited in Long, Burnett, & Thomas, 2006). Sexual abuse that does not include touch and other types of sexual abuse are reported less often, which means this number of individuals who have been sexually abused in their childhood may actually be greater (Maltz, 2002). With such a high percentage of people having experienced childhood sexual abuse, it is likely that many people seeking therapy will have histories that include sexual abuse. It is imperative that counsellors are aware of and familiar with the symptoms and long-term effects associated with childhood sexual abuse to help gain a deeper understanding of what is needed in counselling. This paper will define childhood sexual abuse and review the impact it can have, explore the long-term effects and symptoms associated with childhood sexual abuse, and discuss counselling implications.

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Psychology Today

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